Bringing in a winter feel into your kitchen

Is there anything better than a warm home during the winter days? Well, to enjoy in that feeling everyday, there are some neat things you can do.

Next to being warmed by a crackling fire, let’s give warmth to our eyes. During the winter, you will spend most of your time in the kitchen, so why not decorate this space in the winter spirit and enjoy in it even more when making food?

You can stick to simple decorations such as snow flakes on the windows or on the wall, but you can also let your imagination go wild and decorate whatever you think of.

Warm home during the winter days

First, think what winter means to you and what it brings. For example, twigs, candles, stars, shiny decorations, lamps. Make sure the decorations don’t bother you when you’re working in the kitchen.

  1. You will probably have extra decorations when you decorate your tree. Use the remaining decorative balls by spraying them with artificial snow, and you can add a few stripes, and then put them in a decorative bowl that you can keep on your dining table.
  2. Find the pinecones that look the most beautiful to you, then make various shapes that remind you of winter and put them on the pine cones you have chosen.
  3. If you love pinecones you can paint them and put them in a transparent vase. It will decorate your working area and add contrast.
  4. Make a paper tablecloth in the shape of snow cones. You can put some of the mentioned decorations on it.
  5. Make mini presents from paper that you can hang on the fridge door instead of magnets.
  6. Take two small glasses and stick stars and snowflakes on them, and put a candle inside – if they are scented even better. Next to making your kitchen more beautiful, it will spread a nice scent. Also, instead of paper flakes, you can uses twigs.
  7. Take a little time and make a lot of paper shapes that remind you of the winter that you will then glue on something which will fill your kitchen with a winter spirit.
  8. Make a cardboard cone that you will paint green, and then glue buttons or pieces of jewelry on it. Don’t forget to make a star that you will on the top.
  9. Let your children paint the stars. You can hang them on the top of your kitchen window, stylish roman blinds, chandelier or whatever place you like.
  10. If you are planning to make a real effort, you can make a snowman out of glass. If you put a candle inside it, it will warm up your entire kitchen and bring in winter atmosphere.

So you see, bringing in a winter atmosphere in your kitchen is not too difficult or complicated. Of course, you have to make a tiny effort, but that tiny effort will pay off big. Once you get that feeling in your kitchen, you won’t want to get out of it.

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