The Fantastic Billy’s World

Surprises happen. One day we are decorating for our new baby. The next we have to get double supplies because it’s going to be twins. While it was not an expected surprise, it nonetheless made things a bit more difficult. My husband still goes to work every day, but I had to quit writing for a bit. Trying to keep two babies calm when they start teething is an all-day affair. Eventually, they got older and now are in their toddler phase. Everything dangerous is magical, and everything safe is boring. Plus, they can’t even stay still for more than five minutes at a time, running in different directions, leaving me to somehow grow another head and set of arms.

Though genetic mutations still haven’t been perfected, I did come across something both of them love to do together—Billy’s World. In this magical land with Billy and his singing puppet friends, my kids have found silence and stillness as they lie entranced by their favorite colorful characters as they are treated to favorite nursery rhymes and educational stories.

Unlike TV shows that are only gimmicks for advertisers to hock their wares and other sites that seem kid-friendly but are laden with ads, Billy’s World is free of that noise. This means I can simply hook my kids up on our tablet and let them enjoy learning how to navigate a web page. If that is too much for them, I simply open up the YouTube channel and get the playlist going. This then cycles the videos for my kids so they don’t have to do anything (great before nap time when doing anything is worth screaming over).

For further accessibility, Billy’s World lets me download everything as an MP3 for free. This then lets me put it on my phone, the tablet, a CD or virtually anything else so my little ones can listen to their favorite songs in the car or in a store. Believe me when I tell you this distraction is much needed during errand runs. If it weren’t for Billy’s World, I don’t know what I would do. This wonderful site has given me a great tool to both keep the kids corralled while making sure they learn valuable lessons before they eventually head off to Kindergarten.

Thanks to Billy’s World, I can finally get a break while knowing my kids are learning essential facts.