Different types of families

There are many types of families that exist in the modern world. All of them have different dynamics, structures and relationships. Some are more common, some are less common. All of them vary a lot.

Nuclear Family

This is the standard, traditional family structure. It’s made out of two parents and one child. According to some research, about 70% of children live in such families.

Single Parent Family

This family structure consists of one parent, and one or more children. Single mothers are more common, but it is not strange to see single fathers. Statistics show that one in four children are born by a single mother. These families are usually very close in relationships. Because there’s only one pay, single parent families often struggle with money.

Extended Family

This family structure consists of two or more adult people who are either related or not, who are living in the same house. Usually a lot of relatives live together in this family structure. This family structure usually exists because there were financial problems, so a few incomes came together to help each other out. Over the years, these families are getting more common.

Childless Family

Although the common way people see families is with children, but families without children are becoming more common. The structure consists of a wife and husband living together.


Statistics show that over half of all marriages end up in divorce, and it is not strange that these people marry again. In this way, a stepfamily is created. They are very common. Children usually don’t behave very well in this family structure.

Grandparent Family

Statistics show that one in fourteen children are raised by their grandparents. It happens when the parents are not able to care for the children, either because of death, addiction or something else.

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